Our Story

The story of Rachana begins in 1987, when a young man, with dreams of making housing a reality for his community, decided to take the real estate landscape by storm. Mr. Shishir Diote in order to realize his dreams of making housing for all at reality completed his AMIE Civil (Chartered Engineer) and to gain experience got employed in the Real Estate Sector. Not satisfied with employment he started his own contractorship and did many projects till 1999. In 1999 he began his journey into the development of Housing projects and in the year 2001 promoted his own company RCCNPL which was only incorporated.

To look after his real estate development projects. Under his leadership, the company has successfully completed 35 residential and commercial complexes across Nagpur and Pune including several high rise multi-storied towers, mini- townships, row houses and fully developed layouts of residential plots and commercial complexes. Some of these projects have come to be recognised as important landmarks in Nagpur and today, after a decade and a half of creating housing for the people of the city, Mr. Shishir Diote’s creation, Rachana, is amongst the leading Real Estate developers in the city.

Vision & Values

To be recognized as Nagpur's leading and trusted construction house for residential & commercial projects.

To provide homes to people no matter who or where they come from.

To honour long standing relations with customers and exceed their expectations in all endeavours.

customer service

Consistency- in providing impeccable customer service

estate service

Integrity- in delivering the highest quality construction

Estate Solutions

Expertise- in all our real estate solutions

md's desk md's desk

नमस्कार मित्राणो,

इतर अनेक मध्यमवर्गीय लोकांसारखं माझं सुद्धा स्वप्न होतं कि स्वतःचं हक्काचं घर असावं ज्यात आपल्या आप्तेष्टान्सोबत स्वतंत्र आनंदानी वास्तव्य करता येईल. पण स्वतःचं घर बांधायचं असेल तर आपल्या लोकांकरिता सुद्धा परवडण्यासारखी व उत्तम गुणवत्तेची घरं बांधण गरजेचं आहे हे लवकरच लक्षात आलं व त्याच उद्देशाने मी बांधकाम क्षेत्रात पाउल टाकलं. सिविल इंजिनियरिंग पूर्ण करून फार हिमतीने बांधकाम क्षेत्रात उतरलो आणि एक एक करत आपल्या स्वप्नाकडे वाटचाल सुरु केली. २००० साली घरच्यांच्या आणि सौभाग्यवती च्या साथीने रचना कंसट्रक्षन चा पाया रचला.

आज १७ वर्ष झाली आणि आम्ही धीराने पुढे चाललोय. गेल्या १७ वर्षात नागपूर व पुण्यात अनेक लहान व मोठे प्रकल्प यशस्वीपणे पूर्ण केले आहे आणि फक्त परवडण्यासारखीच नाही तर सुंदर, नाविन्यपूर्ण आणि जागेचा पुरेपूर उपयोग करणारे प्रशस्त घर बांधले आहेत. ईश्वरकृपेने, घरच्यांच्या आणि सहकार्यांच्या साथीने रचना कंसट्रक्षन भरपूर प्रगती करेल आणि पिढ्यानपिढ्या सुंदर टुंबदार घरं बांधेल व यशाच्या नव्या उंची गाठेल.

तुमच्या साथीने आम्हाला प्रेरणा मिळते आणि तुमच्या प्रेमाने रचना कंसट्रक्षन च्या सर्व कामांमध्ये स्फूर्ती मिळते. आपला आशीर्वाद असाच सदैव आमच्या पाठीशी राहावा अशी विनंती करतो आणि आम्ही सतत तुमच्या अपेक्षांवर खरं उतरण्यासाठी प्रयत्नशील राहू हे वाचन देतो.


व्यवस्थापकीय संचालक, रचना कॉन्स्ट्रुकॅशन्स
Dear Patrons,

Being raised in a lower middle class family, premium housing was a distant dream and even as a child my only aspiration was to have my own independent house. I became more determined towards my goal of not only having a home for myself but to become a provider of housing for all when I saw even a Qualified Businessmen luring and duping housing aspirants. With this determination. I completed my AMIE Civil despite hardships on my family. I plunged into the construction industry and paved the way towards my lifelong dream. It was the year 2000, when fuelled by my passion to make housing a reality, I started my own enterprise under the Rachana banner.

It’s been over 20 years since and there has been no looking back! We have successfully completed several projects of various magnitudes. I am proud that my passion hasn’t limited itself to simply building affordable housing and has evolved to focus on higher levels of creativity, utilization of spaces and most importantly, the skill to create housing which exceeds all expectations. I have a long way to go but with the undying support of my dedicated team of associates, I aspire to quickly reach newfound heights!

Your support and encouragement has fuelled Rachana and driven all our growth. I look forward to having this support forever so our dream of sustainable and delightful housing for all comes true in all its glory.


Managing Director, Rachana Constructions

Our Team

For the last 15 years, the ambitious leadership behind Rachana has not only steered the company towards community development and growth but has also managed to accomplish personal success alongside it. Driven with experience, knowledge and the right attitude, our leaders have consistently created great commercial value for all our stakeholders.

Nilima Diote

Executive Director

A Bachelor of Technology and Diploma in Business Management, Mrs. Nilima Diote provides marketing expertise and management efficiency to the operations at Rachana Constructions. Her 16 years of experience in marketing and procurement management has contributed a lion’s share in Rachana’s exponential growth.

Raunak Diote

Director- Operations

Mr. Raunak Diote an architect by education, is the dynamic second generation leader at Rachana Constructions. Having worked at prestigious companies in Mumbai, Raunak brings to the company a fresh perspective and sound technical knowledge of the craft of building. A perfectionist with a penchant for innovation and an eye for detail, he diligently heads construction operations and design team at Rachana Construction.

team Member

Mr. K. Ravi

Mr. K. Ravi, an M.Com in Business Administration, has over 23 year of experience in the industry. Having worked with prestigious construction firms in the past, today Mr Ravi heads our legal and marketing department. Having been with Rachana ever since its inception, he oversees all legal documentations, marketing strategies, communications and client interactions.

A sports and music enthusiast, Mr Ravi uses his sharp communications skills, a keen eye for details and an analytical approach to satisfy our clients. In his words, Rachana’s greatest ability is to maintain utmost transparency while timely delivering uncompromised value to its stakeholders.

team Member

Mr. Ram Bonde

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in the industry, CA Ram Yadav Bonde is a senior consultant to Rachana Constructions. He supervises accounts, taxation and financial planning for Rachana. An erstwhile state-level financial advisor to the government of Maharashtra, Mr Bonde has maintained great professional relations with financial institutions and has helped Rachana grow leaps and bounds under his guidance.

He firmly believes that his in-depth understanding of financial issues related to construction projects and the ability to motivate and delegate work to the right managers has been the secret behind him consistently achieving Rachana’s organizational goals. According to him, it is this professional approach that makes the company stand-out amongst its peers.

team Member

Mr. Sanjay Singh

Mr Sanjay Singh, Our Senior General Manager (Execution), is the man behind the execution of our successful projects like Rachana Meghsparsh, Rachana Sayantara, Rachana Nitya, to name a few. With 23 years of experience and a PGP in management, Mr Singh plans execution, safety compliances, schedules, permits and several activities.

An avid reader of engineering books and keenly interest in electrical and acoustic systems, Mr Singh’s ever-expanding knowledge has helped Rachana build its own path to success. As he puts it himself, “It’s our expertise, experience and undying commitment to quality that gives us the edge over any other construction company in the city”.

Rachana Agro Corporation

We are deeply rooted in the soil of our country. Our diversification into agriculture is a testament to our commitment towards providing a safe and healthy future for our community.

We’ve selected the hilly terrains of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh as the ideal land for our floriculture cultivation. We’ve successfully cultivated gerbera, orchid, gladiolus and several other flowers in the initial test activities and while these flowers are currently being marketed in several countries, we plan to enter the global flower market with new decorative flowers. Followed by this success, we will also be diversifying into herbal cultivation, propagating the benefits of our national heritage, Ayurveda.

For enquiry contact info@rachanaconstructions.com

Quality Assurance & Implementation

Our aggregation techniques give top grade and quality flowers. We make sure we deliver the best-aggregated flowers as per different shapes and sizes.

Ease of Dispatch & Export

We are located in the central region of India that facilitates our extensive export activities within the country as well as out of India.

Where the Magic Happens

Our laboratories are equipped with state of the art technologies with latest innovative provisions that let us deliver best results in flower farming.

Associations & Milestones

Our Managing Director Mr. Shishir Diote,

Is an Executive Committee Member of CREDAI Nagpur Metro

Is a Member of Institution of Engineers

A Fellow of Institution of Valuers

A registered Engineer with NMC and NIT, Nagpur

Rated amongst the top 50 Businessmen of Nagpur in a survey conducted by Lokmat

Mentioned as one of the CREDAI Builders of New India

Was the Hon. Secretary of CREDAI Maharasthra

Was Vice President of Builders Association of India

Our Executive Director, Mrs. Nilima Diote,

Is a role model for Young Women Entrepreneurs

Won the State Mahila Udyogini Award in the year 2015-16 for her contributions